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#BeTheExplorer Sonoma Yogaescapes Winner


As I sit here drinking my Pukka tea, which was served all weekend at the Yogascapes retreat and they supplied us with special goodies, I am reminded of one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever been on. 

The retreat was held at The Lotus Feed, a sustainable farm that also feels like the most lush glamping experience one can have! The farm was set up for relaxation and function, with yurts and tents that were more comfortable than most hotels and had the most gorgeous scenery available at every turn. The food served by the owners was all vegetarian or vegan and tasted like it came from a 5 star restaurant. They made everything Mexican dishes to pizza for dinners and even the breakfasts had more options than a large buffet! 

The Yogascapes experience, led by Ben and instructed by Abby, was just insanely perfect. We had a session Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening, and then Sunday morning before we left. Each session had a different theme and we even switched locations for an outside option on the last day on an overlook with a view over the mountains. It was chilly on Saturday morning so they set up a toasty fire in the wood burning stove pipe oven inside the large circular yoga yurt. We were challenged with the moves Abby would teach us, but this was also a retreat where beginners could conquer it all! 

It was also a time to make friends and just relax. We had a sing along by the campfire on Saturday while watching the shooting stars; I ran through the trails with a new friend and passed others swimming in the pond; there was always someone in one of the many hammocks or special relaxation areas taking full advantage of the opportunity to just be. 

I still can’t believe that I won this trip and I am forever grateful to Acanela for such a once in a lifetime opportunity and to Tula, Hungryroot, Glossybox, and Lola for partnering for a perfect package. I have been talking to some friends and am trying to get some of them to join me for a Yogascapes adventure!”