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How I Started a Million Dollar Travel Company at the Age of 25

In the travel world you often hear about influencers, bloggers, photographers, and videographers, but rarely travel entrepreneurs.

I have traveled to over 80 countries, and am a female entrepreneur — founding my company Acanela Expeditions while still a Sophomore in University. What started out as a semester abroad, turned into a year of researching, networking, and traveling that helped me build the foundation for my business. Fast-forward a couple years and my university started business is now a million dollar company.


At the time I had no idea that my passion for travel would turn into a career. I was simply doing what I loved. From the Azores islands of Portugal to the windswept cardamom hills of India — I found exhilaration and excitement each time I stepped foot in a new place. I also found beauty in meeting local people along my journey. This was something I wanted to share with the world.

Now I have a team of talented colleagues around the world, and we take thousands of travelers to new destinations each year.

With 40 expeditions in destinations around the world, we’re uniquely positioned to provide authentic experiences unlike anything else out there. Our strong team of local guides, hosts, chefs, and artisans ensure our travelers have a real experience. A good expedition focuses on immersion, impact, and innovation. Our talented artisans, beautiful boutique hotels, and cultural connection through cuisine are what make our expeditions different from your standard travel experience.

We have thousands of travelers each year, and I am lucky to meet and build friendships with many of them. I hope to see you on an expedition soon!

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