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26-Year Old Female Entrepreneur Receives Second Business Nomination Within 5 Years of Graduating College

[Lehi, Utah] International travel is becoming more accessible each day and Kylie Chenn, founder and CEO of Acanela Expeditions, devotes her life to creating the most immersive experiences for travelers.

Acanela Expeditions quickly grew and now has tours in nearly 100 countries. In 2018, the SEGO Awards started to “honor female entrepreneurs and business leaders” in Utah. Because of this, Chenn received her second SEGO Award nomination for the Fastest Growing Under 5 Years.

Chenn founded Acanela Expeditions in her sophomore year at Brigham Young University. At the end of her first year, she studied abroad in Oxford, England which was her first international experience. She spent the month before the program backpacking through Europe and exploring the places like the locals. Her experiences formed a love of cultures, people and life.

Chenn shared her experiences to anyone who would listen. As she told the stories about locals from other countries, she longed to show her friends and family the connections she made. This desire led to the founding of Acanela Expeditions.

Acanela Expeditions became a Utah-started travel agency that focuses on immersed, culturally experiences. A typical expedition with Acanela allows travelers to explore with entrepreneurial locals through their towns. Expeditions include travels to Mount Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Vietnam and other places. Working with local guides and artisans, Acanela Expeditions ensures “travelers have a real experience.”

Chenn has been on nearly every expedition that Acanela hosts. Because of this, Chenn has personally connected with the local artisans that allowed her company to grow.

Although Chenn spent hours of researching, networking and studying, the success of Acanela Expeditions came from focusing on the unique aspects of people and cultures that allow explorers to connect with the community.

ABOUT ACANELA EXPEDITIONS: Acanela Expeditions is a U.S.-based travel agency that specializes in experiences, people and culture. Kylie Chenn founded Acanela Expeditions in 2015 after spending a semester in Europe. While abroad, she learned met incredibly talented individuals, or artisans, with stories that deserve to be shared. She created Acanela Expeditions to provide others with the opportunity to meet and learn from these artisans personally. Acanela Expeditions has nearly 100 tours worldwide and continues to explore unique countries to add to their offered locations. For more information, visit www.acanela.com.