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Best Time To Visit London

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Whether you are drawn to it by a desire to see iconic buildings and architecture, walk the streets that inspired Shakespeare, or get a glimpse of the royal family, London seems to capture many travelers’ interests. The city offers history, culture, art, sports, and culinary delights—there really is something for everyone in London. So what’s the best time to visit London? Well, here is some helpful information to guide you on your British adventure.




Though slightly less crowded than the summer months, you will find quite a few tourists in the city well into mid-September. Most of this is due to the mild 60- to 70-degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures and the gorgeous autumn foliage and colors.

However, if you are all about getting to know the local culture, then that’s another reason that makes fall a great time to visit. During these months, there are many festivals and events celebrating London and England’s history, especially Guy Fawkes Night.


If you're looking to save money while in London (except for December when rates rise around the holidays), the winter months are the perfect time for you. The temperatures range from 30 to 40 degrees (Fahrenheit), but there are far fewer people crowding the streets, especially in January and February.

The December holiday season draws people from all over the country and abroad, and this influx of travelers will drive up prices of accommodations (and you may find it hard to navigate through the crowds). However, if you don’t mind the crowds and paying a little more, seeing the city in its entire Christmas splendor is quite magnificent.  


Many travelers believe that spring is the absolute best time to travel to London. This causes an increase in crowds and prices compared to most of the winter months. That said, by visiting in the spring, travelers will have the opportunity to view the royal parks and gardens blossoming. These flower blossoms are especially alluring for photographers traveling to the city.

The weather is at its best during this time with temperatures averaging between the 50s and 60s (Fahrenheit). Fall and winter are often rainy, and summer is muggy, but spring in London is the perfect balance. 


Fortunately, summer temperatures average in the mid-70s (Fahrenheit). This is especially nice considering that travelers will have to deal with a lot of crowds during this time.

That said, London has recently seen temperatures as high as the low 90s (Fahrenheit), so make sure to check the weather forecast before packing for your vacation. Also, summer is still rainy and humid in London, which means packing an umbrella is a necessity.

If you have to travel during the peak season, read how you can stay on budget while traveling in Europe.


Festivals, events and holidays

Festivals and holidays can provide a great opportunity to experience the people and culture of London. There are often parades and festivals in the streets during these times, and they draw people from all over the country. This may cause travelers to have a harder time finding cheaper accommodations.

Below, you will find a list of some of the major festivals, events, and holidays in London. Many of these holidays don’t have exact dates every year, so we have listed them by the month they most commonly occur in. Make sure to research your particular dates ahead of time!




  • Pancake Day: Feast Day Prior to Lent

  • Fashion Week

  • Valentine’s Day


  • St. Patrick’s Day: Festival and Parade

  • St. David’s Day

  • Mother’s Day






  • Trooping the Colour: Royal Procession

  • London PrideCelebration of the LGBTQIA+ Community

  • Father’s Day 






  • Halloween



  • Guy Fawkes Night: Bonfires, Fireworks and Parades    

  • The Lord Mayor’s Show: Mayor of London Parades Through the City

  • St. Andrew’s Day


  • Christmas

  • Boxing Day: Shopping Day After Christmas


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Written by Kelly Salamone