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Make an IMPACT Through Travel | Hyderabad, India

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Join the first Acanela humanitarian group in majestic India this summer! If you are a seamstress or knitter, you can contribute your talents in an intimate travel opportunity to teach women in a rural community of Hyderabad, India how to make traditional Indian clothing and useful household supplies. 

This artisan teaching program was carried out 2 years by trip leader Sarah Burroughs, resident of Salt Lake City, Utah.  30 women in Hyderabad were taught how to sew and make jewelry.  Shortly after the volunteers returned to the USA, all of the Indian women found employment at a local sewing shop or as entrepreneurs in their area! Now, there's another group of eager women anxious to learn from you!

Along with teaching a 2-week sewing program, you'll be immersed in the rich Indian traditions and beauty that hit all five senses. 


Jasmine, the "belle of India", is a scent that is best experienced in India! It's used for celebrations, welcoming, worship, but most commonly in the bride's hair when she is getting married as an honor to the beauty of their hair and as a symbol of fortune and prosperity. It's natural scent releases anxiety, boosts energy, and increases focus. No wonder the Indian people are so positive and stay up so late!


Ever wonder what it would be like to be in "Indiana Jones"? Well that's exactly what it's like walking around and exploring Golconda Fort! Spanning 7 square miles, this 1000-year old fort was once the capital of the medieval sultanate of the Qutb Shai dynasty, contained several royal chambers, tombs, mosques, and even stored the world's famous Koh-i-Noor and Hope diamonds, found in the same region. 


It is every makers dream to roam the streets of India and indulge in the stunning textiles and jewelry! You'll find everything from smooth traditional silks to thick, tightly woven rugs just 20 minutes from our housing. From organic cottons to authentic pearls in historical Charminar. Wrap yourself up in a sari or stock up on fabric for your fantasy garment or project. Plan on bringing home an extra luggage, wink wink.


I don't know which I love more.. The still quiet mornings of India or the busy music of the streets. But one of my favorite moments in Hyderabad was a mixture of both. While hiking up 484 steps up to Moula Ali Dargah, there was a call for prayer throughout the city below us. I turned towards the sound from the speakers and felt an overwhelming sense of peace and appreciation for my life, and for the people surrounding me in India. 


Hyderabad, India is nationally known for it's Biryani, uniquely flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, coriander, and bay leaves. And while all of the food is packed full of spices and taste, it tastes even better sitting on the floor and with your hands!

Spots are limited - so sign up fast! This is a trip that will change your life and the lives you meet in India! Check out our impact trip HERE for more information!

Sarah Burroughs, designs and manages her own brand of womens' bags out of Salt Lake City, and works with local refugee employment services to identify and hire refugees to help manufacture the products. She's taught sewing in Uganda, Africa, and thrilled to be returning to Hyderabad for her second time. She received the Humanitarian Honoree Award at the Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete Awards in Chicago, November 2016.