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Shared & Small Office Spaces - Lehi, Utah

Did you know that the number of people using shared (or coworking) office space is expected to grow from 1 million to 4 million in the next 4 years?  This means that we may see a trend of workers shifting away from the standard corporate office space to creative shared spaces. 

While shared spaces are often smaller, they offer a myriad of amenities that are available to all members of the space.  These amenities range from fiber internet to conference rooms and open cafeteria space.  Workers have more access and more accessibility than they would have otherwise in other standard corporate spaces.

We are excited to join the community of co-working spaces with the opening of our new office space in Lehi, Utah - Thanks to Lehi.Space.  Whether you are a designer, IT guy, or consultant - there are small offices (private), personal desks, and co-working office space available - so make sure to sign up!

Check out Lehi.Space now!