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Taste The World with Acanela Expeditions

This past Saturday on January 14th, 2017 we hosted our first Influencer brunch called "Taste the World with Acanela Expeditions!"  We started planning this event in November not knowing what would come out of this.  

We wanted to make this event intimate and unique that the influencers really wouldn't know what to expect.  We left details very vague and surprisingly we had a group of 7 influencers from the Los Angeles area attend our event!  We invited a variety of influencers from fitness, lifestyle, and fashion/style - but they had one goal: to travel more in 2017. 

Once the influencers started trickling in, we got them seated and ready for their 7-course meal they were about to dine on. Kylie created the menu months in advance and perfected it to be the best dishes from the countries that she picked.  See the menu below! 

Not to brag, but do the dishes sound delicious or what?! They were plated so perfect and petite that everyone (including me) was wanting more. Our goal for this event was to have multiple discussions around travel.  We had everyone introduce each other, what they did for work / their blog, and where they wanted to travel to in 2017.  Some influencers said Greece and Italy, or to their homeland to the Philippines, Australia, and Peru.  The options were endless! Check out our recipes for our African peanut sweet potato stew and Moroccan Shakshuka

We had several guest speakers who we invited to talk to the influencers about their travel experiences with Acanela. We had Megan talk about her time in Southeast Asia while the Pomelo Salad was being served.  She also talked about how traveling can produce a happy lifestyle. Then we had Kendra speak about her time in Peru and she showed us amazing textiles she brought from Peru.  Hannah traveled to Finland with our guide, Tate Drucker and raved about her experience traveling with one of her greatest role models. Thank you Megan, Kendra and Hannah for coming! 

We later had a discussion on how stepping outside our culture affects us in a positive way. I loved this discussion because it showed me how where ever you travel, you will learn something new no matter what. Whether it's going to the different markets to buy local produce or new styles / fashion you can learn in a city across the world! 

To conclude the event, Kylie talked about how travel can grow your business whether you are in the fitness, lifestyle/travel, or fashion/style world.  We talked about how Acanela can help them make their 2017 travel dreams a reality! I keep replaying this event over and over in my head because it was such a great experience for everyone.  This event was probably different from other events that the influencers have attended in the past but we wanted to make this special and unique in the Acanela way.  Check out the photos below and what the influencers had to say about the event! Also, give them a follow! If you are interested in attending our future events - email me at liz@acanela.com!

Melina Nasab - @melnasab

Veronica Prince - @veronica.prince

Remi Ishizuka - @RRAYME

Meagan Kong - @meagankong

Melissa Eckman - @melisfit_

JNEL - @jnelv

Michelle Carigma - @_modernfit

Photo Credit:  Remi Ishizuka

Photo Credit: Remi Ishizuka

Photo Credit:  Remi Ishizuka

Photo Credit: Remi Ishizuka