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Cooking Around the World: Thailand (Series 1)

If you know anything about Acanela - you know that we LOVE fine cuisine.  We are always on the hunt for the tastiest recipes out there. We also create our own recipes based on our unique spice blends from all around the world.  

In this blog post, we'll be highlighting our recipes from Thailand! Our Founder & CEO, Kylie had the chance to make some delicious Thai cuisine while being photographed by Shauna Geyer - a lifestyle photographer based in LA.  Check out her website here and follow Shauna on Instagram! One of Kylie's passions is cooking fine cuisine from all around the world and showing them to the world wide web and sharing Acanela's recipes with you! Our goal for you is to experience different countries through cooking.  That's why we are starting "Cooking Around the World" and highlighting different countries throughout the rest of the year and 2017.  

Keep reading to hear about Kylie's experience cooking Thai cuisine and then I'll tell you how it tasted because I got to eat them at work the next day.  (Pretty fun job, huh?) 


"Everytime I travel abroad or cross a new country border, I  find that my favorite place to be is in the kitchens and restaurants of locals - cooking & dining with friends and strangers from around the world.  The unique flavors, tastes, recipes, and stories that are shared during each of these intimate cooking experiences are not only delicious, but inspiring.  Cooking Thai food today allowed me to re-live many moments of my time in Southeast Asia, one of those being cooking with local monks in a little hut outside on of the most famous temples in Thailand.... Definitely an Adventure!"

- Kylie Chenn, CEO & Founder of Acanela


Thai Summer rolls - Recipe  HERE !

Thai Summer rolls - Recipe HERE!

From left to right:  Panang Veggie Curry ,  Massaman Curry , and  Pad Thai  (Click on dish for recipe)

From left to right: Panang Veggie Curry, Massaman Curry, and Pad Thai (Click on dish for recipe)

2017 Spice Blends

2017 Spice Blends

Okay - so Kylie brought these dishes to work the next day (except for the Thai Summer Rolls) and I probably ate everything in .5 seconds.  Everything was so DELICIOUS! I love how the spices blended so well with the different vegetables, curry sauce, and rice - and it definitely smelled like Thailand in our office while we were heating them up (which is a good thing). The amazing thing with our spice blends is that it's a combination of different spices that you would normally have to buy at a grocery store in separate jars or containers.  But, with our spice blends - it comes all in one tin and our recipes would say "One heaping spoon of Thai spice blend."  So easy and so healthy! A win-win if I must say. 

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P.S. & if you have any recipes that you want us to try - please send them our way!