Kylie | Founder & CEO | Director of Operations & Strategy

Kylie has spent the last three years living abroad, leading tours across the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management where she studied Business Strategy and International Development.  Further, she attended the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to study Social Innovation and Business Strategy and has spent the past three summers living in Portugal, India, and Malawi.  Her international experiences and love for cooking led her to found acanela expeditions,  providing individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on cultural experiences around the world.

Follow Kylie's Adventures At:  www.wokingtheworld.com


Sherstin | Director of Sales & Operations

Sherstin joins the Acanela team after spending nearly a decade working in universities within the field of international education. She has spent time both as a study abroad program manager and international relationship manager. Through her work at both Brigham Young University and Arizona State University she has managed more than 150 university faculty-led programs helping more than 3,000 students study abroad during her tenure. She is a passionate advocate for crossing borders and deeply believes that experiential learning abroad has the ability to change a person’s life trajectory forever – no matter that persons age. 


Hannah | Content Creation

Hannah is an undergraduate University of Southern California, where she studies political science and comparative literature. She picked up a love of exploring at a young age, and always enjoys seeking out unique cultural and educational experiences abroad. She has spent time in Europe and Africa, and hopes to continue filling up her passport in the years to come. After joining an Acanela expedition to Finland and Estonia in January 2016, Hannah is thrilled to now be working with the Acanela team and learning more about innovation within the travel industry!

Elizabeth | Director of Marketing

Liz has been traveling since she was a little girl.  Coming from a 1st generation Chinese family - they have instilled a love of traveling, food and hospitality into Liz. She's been to every continent in the world except for Africa and Antarctica (But those are on her "upcoming trips" list!) Liz graduated from Brigham Young University's Advertising Program and found her passion in account management and client success with a mix of traveling through BYU's study abroad programs.  She worked at numerous advertising agencies on the east and west coast and is finally settling her roots down in Los Angeles with her husband. 


Sarah | Marketing & Partnerships

As a young girl listening to her mother's bedtime travel stories, Sarah became fascinated with seeing the world. By the age of 20, she had accomplished her initial bucket list of New York, Paris, London, and the Great Wall of China (with a few other countries along the way). She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in marketing. In her spare time, Sarah likes to plan trips, try new restaurants and cuisines, practice yoga, and play around with her camera.


Tanner | Marketing & Creative Content

Tanner is passionate about all things creative. He is from Laguna Niguel, California where we spent his days surfing, reading, and laughing with his friends.  He is currently living in Rexburg Idaho where he is pursuing a Marketing Degree at the BYU Idaho School of Business.  He has spent the past several years with a camera in his hand capturing stunning photos & videos, and is excited to share his diverse talents with the Acanela Team.

Andrew | Director of Finance

Andrew grew up in the metropolitan city of Hong Kong, where he had the opportunity to learn about a variety of different cultures from a very young age.  He spent his childhood and teenage years volunteering for groups such as Habitat for Humanity in Thailand, Climbing mountains in Malaysia & Indonesia, and biking through the beautiful trails of Australia & New Zealand.  He attended Brigham Young University where he studied Business Strategy, after which we chose a career in Management Consulting & Analytics.  He has a passion for travel, rock climbing, and anything that has to do with technology and innovation.


Ashley | Sales & Client Relations

Ashley has always been passionate about traveling, after her first time abroad she was hooked on travel, going on backpacking trips across Europe, study abroad thru college and volunteering overseas.  In college she studied dance and culinary, after graduating she went on to work full time in a bakery for 3 years before she decided to follow her dream and volunteer in India for a summer. She is passionate about travel, culinary and people and is thrilled to be part of the Acanela team where she can work with her passion. Aside from traveling to 32+ countries she has lived in both India and Jerusalem and has spent the past 3 years working in the travel industry helping other people design their bucket list trips and travel.

Lauren | Digital Marketing

Lauren grew up in West Virginia in the small historic town of Harpers Ferry.  She has been involved with Acanela's Study Abroad programs in Africa since 2016, and has a passion for helping local artisans develop their own sustainable business enterprises. She is currently a Business Management major with an emphasis in marketing at Brigham Young University. For fun she likes to play softball, go skiing, take photos, make crafts, and listen to Taylor Swift.

Haley Littleton - Travel Writing Director

Mixed in with this obsession to explore has always been a deep love and reverence for words, people, and stories, which led Haley to study English Literature and Creative Writing. After undergraduate, Haley spent time living in Amsterdam before entering graduate school at the University of Denver and receiving her Master's in English. Haley has been published in various journalistic and creative writing publications but, most recently, writes for Alpine Modern Magazine.  Haley has spent the last six years writing, editing, and working as an editorial assistant on publications ranging from the outdoors to politics and literature. Haley's interests hover around environmental impact, outdoor adventure, non-fiction narratives, and ethical traveling. Whatever interesting and strange foods she gets to eat along the way the better. 

Conor MacNeill - Photography Director

Conor is a fine-art, travel and destination photographer. His photography takes him all around the globe where he is renowned for his landscapes, cityscapes, and astrophotography. From Northern Ireland, Conor has been interested in photography for over two decades and has built up an impressive portfolio of images from around the world.  His passion for travel has led him to over 50 countries so far, with this list ever-increasing. He not only visits the main destinations and puts his unique photographic twist on things, but manages to capture the essence of a country by visiting the paths less-travelled. He also has a passion for iPhone photography and has amassed a large audience on his Instagram.  He speaks at numerous conferences, runs international workshops, and works with big clients such as National Geographic, BCC, and The Guardian.

Bheem S | Acanela Northern India Director

Biju R | Acanela Southern India Director

Chris M | Acanela Southern Africa Director

Abdul H | Acanela Eastern Africa Director

Chetana | LAcanela Southeast Asia Director

Predrag T | Acanela Eastern Europe Director

Romstom F | Acanela Northern Africa Director

Domingo A | Acanela South America Director