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Tips and Tricks for Staying Healthy in Airports and Airplanes

Airports and airplanes are germ central. The good news is, they don’t have to be! Airports are full of travelers that have been from one end of the globe to the other, making way for germs to follow in their footsteps. Taking precautions before you leave your home and again when you arrive at the airport is a guaranteed way to lessen your chances of bringing germs home with you on your return flight.

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Did you know that you may be up to 100 times more susceptible to catching a cold on an airplane than during your everyday life? Make sure you’re ready this flu season for the germs that may spread as you travel:

  • Be prepared

A few items you should always have on hand are: chapstick, wet wipes, mints, a dry and clean t-shirt, a toothbrush and dry shampoo. Chapstick completes the obvious task: keeps your lips moist when you’re up in the dry air. Wet wipes are good to use when you are approaching cold and flu season because you can just about clean any surface. A clean t-shirt is essential for those long haul flights. Dry shampoo is useful if you need to spruce yourself up during a long layover. It never hurts to carry around your favorite choice of probiotic. The Gutsy probiotic pack works in conjunction with your immune system to give you a nice little boost.

  • Do a little cleaning of your own

Feel no shame when you board the plane with your wet wipes! Carry around a small container of hand wipes and use them to clean your arm rest and tray table before you even take off. We know the flight staff does their best to ensure a clean flight, but there is always a chance something got missed. Remember to clean the seat belt latch as that is often full of germs.

While you can’t bring a full water bottle passed the security check point, you can bring an empty water bottle. There are filling stations throughout most airports and even if there aren’t, you can fill up your water bottle with a water fountain or in the bathroom. The job of these water bottles is to purify your water, leaving you with clean, drinkable water.

  • Bring your own blanket and pillowcases

It’s tempting to pick up the first blanket you see when you board the plane. If you can invest in a $15 travel blanket, we recommend the Flight 101 Travel Blanket because it comes with a carrying case so you can keep your pillow clean - even on the way home. A pillowcase is another good idea when you want to catch up on your sleep in between flights. By supplying your own pillowcase, you are in full control of who is using it and when its cleaned. The My Pillow pillow case keeps your pillow case free of germs and keeps your pillow nice and cold during flying time.

We want you to stay germ-free this travel season. Being prepared will always be your #1 defense. Your second defense? Always pack a little something extra for your immune system!